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walk ins available Tuesday - Saturday 
11:00am-6:00pm (if earlier /later time needed please call 470-454-3827)

Valentines Day Specials 2/7/22-2/14/22


*Brazilian Wax, Vajacial, Underarm Wax $120.00

*Brazilian Wax, Underarm Wax, Half Leg Wax $100

*Pamper Day for 2 $275.00

*LED Light Therapy Facial $120.00

Waxing Services


Brazilian Wax $50.00 

Brazilian Wax & Underarm wax $68.00

Full Body Wax $125.00 (includes Brazilian Wax, Under arm wax, & Half leg wax, lip wax)

Bikini Wax $34.00

Half Arm $28.00              Sugar Wax Half Arm: $29.00

Whole Arm $38.00          Sugar Wax Whole Arm:$44.00

Underarm Wax $25.00  Sugar Wax Underarm Wax: $30

Half Leg Wax $35.00     Sugar Wax Half Leg Wax: $42.00

Full Leg Wax $75.00       Sugar Wax Full Leg Wax: $85.00

Full Buttocks Wax: $32.00

Full Back Wax  $40.00

Lower Stomach Wax: $12.00

Chin Wax: $15.00

Lip Wax: $10.00

EYE BROW TINT : $30.00

Feet Wax: $15

Eye Brow Clean Up Wax $15.00

Brazilian Wax & Vagacial $110.00 

This includes a full Brazilian wax(front & back included) & a vagacial treatment which helps to decrease your ingrown hairs after waxing. This includes a cleanse, exfoliation, Extractions, High Frequency, HydroJelly Mask, Moisturizer.LED LIGHT THERAPY 

Vagacials $75.00

Having ingrown hair problems ? This vagacial is a great way with helping to decrease your ingrown after waxing. This includes a cleanse & steam which helps with opening the pores, exfoliation, Extractions (may be an uncharge of $10 if  there are is an outstanding amount of ingrown additional $15), High Frequency (helps to kill the bacteria inside of acne), Hydro Jelly Mask, Moisturizer.

Underarm wax & Underarm Facial: $70.00

Underarm Facial: $55

Having ingrown hair problems ? This underarm facial is a great way with helping to decrease your ingrown after waxing. This includes a cleanse & steam which helps with opening the pores, exfoliation, Extractions (may be an uncharge of $10 if  there are is an outstanding amount of ingrown additional $15), High Frequency (helps to kill the bacteria inside of acne), Hydro Jelly Mask, Moisturizer.

Underarm wax & Underarm Facial: $70.00

Belle Lux Special $225.00 

This package includes Belle Lux Facial, Brazilian Wax, Underarm Wax, & a Vajacial. 


Full Arm Wax: $40.00

Men Chest & Stomach Wax $55.00

Men Back Wax $50.00



Do NOT use any exfoliators or creams other than moisturizer and sunscreen 72 hours before your procedure & after, Do NOT  use heavy makeup for at least 12 hours before your procedure, NO swimming or facial waxing at least 24 hours after your procedure, NO saunas or botox for at least 48 hours after procedure)

Dermaplaning Facial w. Hydra Dermabrasion $185.00

Hydra Dermabrasion Facial $165.00 

The HydraFacial treatment helps  with cleansing by removing the dead skin cells and excess sebum from the skin, vacuum out blackheads, dirt, oil, and impurities, while hydrating, plumping, and nourishing serums are simultaneously applied to the skin. 

DERMAPLANING FACIAL$145 with Hydro Jelly Mask Included

What is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning helps with fine lines & wrinkles, evens skin tone, reduces acne scarring, & safely removes facial hairs for clients. This procedure removes 5-10 layers of dead skin cells.

Pamper Day for 2 $315.00 

This service is great for couples, friends, and even family. This service comes with our Diamond Microdermabrasion, 1 bottle of wine, & Hydro jelly Mask  & LED Light Therapy for each. This service is great for birthdays, holidays, or just wanting to do something nice for someone else! 

Refresher Facial $95.00

Summer is just around the corner. It's time to get that summer skin ready and full of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Also, helps to retain youthful and smooth skin. This does not include exfoliation


Microdermabrasion Facial $120.00

Started by a deep cleansing, then Our Microdermabrasion mechanically  exfoliates of the outer most layer of dead skin cells & vacuums them away leaving the skin smoother and softer.  Followed by a skin analysis, ( extractions if needed) , High Frequency

RF Facial $140.00

This facial will add collagen and elastin to your skin. Also its tightens your double chins& loose skin. Followed by a deep cleansing, Exfoliation,  Skin Analysis, (extractions if needed), mask,etc.

24k Gold Facial $130.00

This facial will make your skin have a Natural Glow. This skin care line is 100% organic & will make you feel beautiful on the inside and out. Also has real Gold inside of each product. Includes 24 karat hydrojelly mask.


Ingrown Hair Facial $150.00

Organic Balance Deep Cleansing,Deep Extractions on problematic area ,High Frequency, & Intensive Aftercare  Mask, Skin Balancing Moisturizer, Retinol Serum (for dark spots)

L.E.D Light Therapy Facial $145.00

Having a bad acne breakout? If so this is the best facial to choose! This facial is also great for boosting collagen production as well. This facial includes a deep cleanse, Microdermabrasion, extractions if needed ,Hydro jelly Mask, L.E.D Light Therapy , High Frequency.

Belle Lux Facial $105.00

Our signature Facial. Which comes with a cleansing, Chemical Exfoliation, Mask

Add ons

Hydro Jelly Mask (based on skin type) $20

Diamond Jelly Mask $15

L.E.D Light Therapy 30 min $35

Body Contouring 

Add on the 30 minutes sauna room to any body contouring service for an additional $15.00



Not sure which service you should get ? No problem book our consultation to get more information on our services and the services your body type should get.

Non-Surgical Buttocks Lift $140.00

Treatment involves increasing  the volume of your buttocks using YOUR own fat using a vacuum therapy . This treatment uses ultrasound waves that  lifts the buttocks  while stimulating muscles and mobilizing the fat for permanent results. This treatment promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface and is non-invasive.  Targeting the deepest layers of skin and stimulating collagen growth with each treatment.  A minimum of 3 treatments recommended. Save by purchasing a package of 3.


Ultrasonic Cavitation $115.00

This 35 minute procedure uses a ultrasonic device calibrated to only target FAT CELLS . Ultrasonic waves are directed to the area of fatty tissue you want to remove while destroying the fat tissue cell membrane . The ultrasonic device is calibrated to only target the fat cells not causing damage to any of your other surrounding body tissue or organs. Post procedure 

 and up to a week after you will secrete the destroyed fatty tissue through your lymphatic system .  Book a package of 3 for savings.


Laser Lipo $110.00

1 hour session Non-Invasive procedures that uses a laser technique and directly penetrates through 10 layers of fat from the desired area . This is recommended for people that have loose broken up pudgy fat ins. Also includes wood therapy and lymphatic massage.

Face Skin Tightening $65.00

This service is good if you're looking for a Non-Surgical Face lift. It helps to get rid of fine lines, double chin, and wrinkles.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening $110.00

This 35 minute procedure tightens the desired area using radio frequency as well as our own customized treatments that vary from client to client. Depending on each clients situation will determine the best services that can be combined with this service for maximum results.



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