This machine includes 40KHZ Ultrasonic Cavitation head for body slimming, Laser Lipo, Vacuum Bipolar Head for lymphatic Drainage, Radio frequency Three Polar Head for face lifting, Radio Frequency Four Polar Head for smaller areas, Radio Frequency Six Polar Head for larger areas. Please be aware that machines can take 21/2-31/2 weeks to arrive due to the pandemic that is going on at the time being!!!!!!!!!!!! MACHINES CAN NOT BE SENT BACK OR REFUNDED!


3 month warranty on probes, 1 year warranty on machines

6-n-1 Body Contouring Machines

  • Machines can only be returned if the machine isn't malfunctuing right. We do not take back machines thay have been dropped, water damaged. You MUST return machines within 5 days of getting the machine if not working properly which you will be responsible for shipping fees. Please email for any questions or concerns.